Giving Back To Society

Zodiak, just not being like any conventional coaching centre but a place for ‘future innovators’, aims in improving quality education and encourage employability. The team works on quality education and employability with the motivation of giving back to the society. As our directors worked in the rural areas with the motive of changing views towards future, witnessed the issue of limited knowledge of the students caused them immobilized future. In creating a revolution in the field of education and employability, our directors set-forth the venture for ‘future innovators’, giving equal superiority to quality education and employability.

Our Motto:

Creating opportunities for the meritorious students lacking exposure to quality education due to financial crisis.

Creating an exposure for girls where in India approx. 80lakh girls are denied education.

Giving a kick-start careers of the students engaged with Zodiak with quality training and placements, helping them in entering the IT-world.

Adoption Program

The initiative of improvement in education is just not bound within the institution but also towards the neglected rural schools and villages too. Zodiak introduces with the Championship programfor this cause. The team aims at adopting at least 5 schools and 2 villages, where the team is going to work tirelessly in making a model school or village in it’s first year.

Enrolment Program

The team offers Enrolment program which is an integral part of career courses. With the vast network throughout the country, the team gets immense pleasure in placing all the well-trained students in companies within short duration. The program focuses on performance-based learning, workplace etiquettes, problem solving, instilling qualities of responsibility and confidence. The program aims to expose the aspirants to the real work environment and practical work experience.

MCM Scholarship

We are going to secure the future of at least 100 students and girls for the first year, following the legacy of IIT Kharagpur, merit cum means scholarship for our students. It's our target to teach 1 out of every 4 students to give free of cost. For this we have decided to ensure around 25 lakhs in the 1st year only.

Earn While You Learn

At Zodiak, students are exposed to internship program called ‘LEP’, which means Learn and Earn Program. Under this program students are provided internships in the company itself of a period of 6 to 1 year. The main objective of the program is learning about all aspects and getting paid. After the completion of internship, the students are to be placed within the best schools and coaching around the country, earning up to 50lakh per annum and also outside the country with a starting package of 20lakh per annum.