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Zodiak has designed two-year programme for the students of class XI in prepping them for NEET. The designed programme focuses on developing a strong foundation of concepts and fundamentals, sharpen analytical thinking, reasoning and problem-solving skills, essential for the success in the examination. The teaching methodology is highly exhaustive and systematic which raises the academic levels of the students to the pinnacle of excellence.

• Concept building
• Lectures designed accordingly for both board and entrance examination.
• Building strong foundation in small batches.
• Regular revision classes and separate doubt clearance sessions.
• Meticulously designed smart study materials in support of the lectures.
• Subject topic-wise booklets for problem solving.
• Student-mentorship programme.
• Score analysis and regular counselling.
• Special attention for weaker students.
• Weekly unit test.
• Monthly mock test.
• Quarterly NEET main test.
• Board preparation.


Zodiak is a place where brilliant minds assemble and collaborate, in service of big ideas and creative solutions.Here future is envisioned and remade each day. It’s rigorous, cutting-edge academic programmes, assignments and study materials, provide students with a great educational experience.
To prepare students for success in the global society, Zodiak offers wide range of innovative, exhaustively and appropriately scrutinize study material aims in achieving excellence in future. The study materials are insightful, covers latest syllabus of the individual boards, follows exact patterns of examinations and incorporates easy to use tips and tricks. The study materials provided here are a perfect blend of information, analysis and focused inputs: easy to understand, explanatory and concise.
To enhance the problem-solving ability and intelligence level of the student, assignments are a part to prepare the students for both Board examination as well as for competitive examination.
Our assignments and study materials aim at giving extra edge to the students. It aims at providing concepts by improving them, enhancing concentration and confidence in solving problems, boosting test scores, managing time and ensuring that students are well prepared for examinations.

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